The Bellingham Acupuncturists

I’m a Bellingham Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist and have been in private practice since 2000 serving the residents of Whatcom County, WA. I am often asked why I practice this medicine. In reply I can only say it mostly has to do with that look on a patient’s face when the pain they have lived with for twenty years slips away. The look is a smile. A smile that says there is peace. We see the same expression whether or not it’s pain, asthma, anxiety, etc. When the nervous system quits …read more


I’ve always had a commitment to health and healing. Before becoming an Acupuncturist, I could often be found tending to fellow runner’s and dancer’s sprained ankles, applying herbal solutions to bites and bruises, or cooking up nutritionally dense meals for my friends and family. It was a circuitous route to Chinese medicine beginning with pre-med, graduating with degrees in Public and Global health, and finally discovering acupuncture to address my own health concerns. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine offered the… read more



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