Immunity and Sleep

December 11th, 2009 by Scott Paglia LAc Leave a reply »

OK, so lets tackle sleep first.

A study in the Archives of Internal Medicine,  shows that poor sleep and the susceptibility to colds go hand in hand.  Marvel concept, huh. The study followed 153 men and women for two weeks and kept track of both the duration and quality of sleep. They then exposed all of the participants to the rhinovirus, or the common cold. Who are these people? And they say there are a lack of good jobs. The results:  Those who slept on average less than 7 hours a night were 3 times more likely to get sick compared to those who averaged at least 8 hours. The verdict? When you are tired, SLEEP.

A few years ago one of my teachers said. I had a humbling weekend. Why? I will tell you. I verified that my dog is smarter than I am. As I sat there feeling tired from a rough night I saw my dog curl up in the corner. He sleeps when he’s tired. I hope to learn to do the same someday. If you can’t sleep, come in here and lets see if we can help. Do we have a deal?